Anthracite Coal Sculptures


Anthracite coal or “Black Diamond” is primarily found in the 5 northeastern counties of Pennsylvania. It is not volatile and no two pieces are exactly alike. The beautiful polished surface comes from the natural luster of Anthracite Coal.




We can make you a beautiful tea candle with almost any animal or object that exists in this artists portfolio. If you do not see something you like send us an email with your request and we will respond stating it's availability, price and picture (if available). Prices range from $35 - $85.00 including shipping and insurance. Any of these animals or objects can be purchased with a plain base or no base.

If you would like an exact price including shipping and insurance for any items please write to "kerrisgeneralstore" and tell us what item your interested in

Link to More and Larger Pictures of the Anthracite Coal Sculptures 

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